1.General Airport Rules

Aero Country Airport is all private property

Property owners, residents, renters and invited guests only, no trespassing


The general operation rules at Aero Country are:

  1.  Ground Rules
    1. Aircraft have the right-of-way at all times!!
    2. The only motorized vehicles that are allowed on the runway are airplanes, emergency vehicles, and approved maintenance vehicles. Motorized vehicles allowed on the portion of taxiway Alpha, highlighted in yellow on Figure 1, are airplanes, golf carts, all-terrain and utility terrain vehicles, bicycles, aircraft tugs, emergency vehicles, and approved maintenance vehicles. The only exception is for owners and invited guests that are accessing hangars that are only directly accessible from Taxiway Alpha.                                                                                        

                                                                                                                         fig 1.
    3. The maximum speed limit shall be 25 mph.
    4. Any persons under 16 years of age are not permitted on the runway, taxiway, immediate adjacent grass areas, and roads within Aero Country Airport unless accompanied by an adult over 21 years of age.
    5. Golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, utility terrain vehicles, and bicycles, that are driven by licensed persons 16 years old and older, are permitted to cross the south end of runway 17 after yielding right of way to aircraft. See figure 2. Walking across the south end of runway 17 is also allowed after yielding right of way to landing or departing aircraft
    6. ACEA shall prevent non-ACPOA member vehicular access to ACEA Land via Aero Country Road and the Aero Country Airport runway and taxiways.
    7. Aero County property owners are responsible for any damage to airport facilities caused by them, invited guests and their renters.
  2. Aircraft/Flight Rules
    1. All radio-equipped aircraft should announce their intentions on 122.9
    2. Downwind takeoff and landings are prohibited.
    3. Runway 17 is designated the calm wind runway.
    4. The maximum gross weight off any aircraft using Aero Country is 6,500 lbs.
    5. Straight in approaches must yield to any aircraft in the traffic pattern
    6. Traffic pattern is left-hand for both 17 & 35.
    7. Flight training and touch and go landings are prohibited for any aircraft not based at Aero Country airport
    8. See “Flight school & Commercial Operator Info (Public Pages #8 drop down ) for additional information.
    9. Prior permission is not required to land at at Aero Country Airport however, guests must abide with all Aero Country rules.
    10. Transient operations between 2200 and 0600 Local are prohibited.
    11. The aircraft traffic pattern for piston aircraft is 1,765 MSL.
    12.  The aircraft traffic pattern for turbine aircraft is 2,265 MSL.



      These general airport rules are provided to pilots operating at Aero Country to further the goal of airport saftey. These rules in no way attempt to replace or supercede the FAA FAR's or the AIM. They merely provide common sense/ courtesy items to make Aero Country a safer place fo the operation of all aircraft. AIRPORT SAFETY MUST BE  PRIORITY #1!  


      Parking and Towing Policies


      All visitors and guests at the airport should know that there is no public parking at Aero Country Airport. All of the taxiways and roadways on the airport are owned by the Aero Country Property Owners Association or by individual property owners.
      These taxiways and roadways are for ingress and egress only; no parking is allowed.

      Visitors and guests should also know that aircraft always have the right-of-way at Aero Country Airport.  Vehicles must yield the right-of-way and not block an aircraft’s path.

      The Aero Country Property Owners Association have a towing policy where any unattended vehicle will be towed from Aero Country Rd and Aeronca taxiway.